Monday, 15 August 2016

First Grade Flash

It is that time again! The summer has flown by! I've been busy getting ENGAGED and moving out to an acreage! Yes - it's been the craziest/most amazing/busiest summer yet, but I have been embracing every moment. 

The days are getting shorter and the stores are full of crayons which means back to reality. I've already been into my classroom twice to decorate my bulletin boards and move our little desks around. Though my mind is usually thinking about a million things at once, I always tackle my class decor first so that when it's time to plan and prep I can completely focus. 

In our school, each teacher has to provide our admin with a Year Plan before the year starts. This can be a very overwhelming task - fitting everything in and balancing subjects. This year, I was inspired by The First Grade Parade's Pacing Calendars and designed my year plan month by month with weekly themes. 

I created these plans to align with the Alberta Program of Studies, however they are easily adaptable to other curriculums. The plans include Literacy, Numeracy and Social & Science combined. I am hoping these help you stage and guide your year! I love being able to glance at a week and see what my focus should be and what is coming next! I also LOVE having a theme to focus on!! Themes are fun and engaging! 
Click on the picture above to download the First Grade Flash package!
I teach in a Catholic school so I have included themes such as Advent, Lent and Easter. These can easily be substituted for general Christmas and Easter themes if you are teaching in a public school! 

I (like most teacher I know) have good intentions a tendency to be overly organized. This year plan helps prepare me to teach my units fluidly and in a logical order! 

Now, time to enjoy the last few weeks of summer!